Appalachian Management

Overall Satisfaction:   3.64 out of 5 (37 responses)

Location   4.16
Amenities   2.22
Cost / value   3.64
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.49
Response to requests for repairs   3.14
Communication with rental company   3.00

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. They do not respond to your concerns via email.
  2. Apartment had not been cleaned from last people who lived there. Mold in the bathtub when I moved in and rotten food in the fridge.
  3. Lease agreement states “Landlord can enter the property at ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE.” You will sign anyway though because ASU is overcrowded.
  4. They don’t fix the damage they caused no matter how many work orders you fill out and there are bugs and dangerous chemicals in the unit.
  5. I really like the location of this property. It is close enough to campus so that I can walk. I also love the space overall.
  6. The location is great. You can walk or take the bus.
  7. The apartment is close to campus but the management service needs some work. They can be rude and leave out information in the contract.
  8. The upstairs neighbors are awful. I can hear everything they do.
  9. Buena Vista Apartments are advertised as being a single, but can house two people (with a rent increase). No amenities, but nice and quiet.
  10. It’s very expensive but if you put 4 people in a 2 bedroom it’s very cheap and it’s incredibly close to campus compared to most off campus
  11. Appalachian Management was and is professional about the whole leasing process (communication, showing, etc) and the maintenance is timely.
  12. It's not perfect, but on a student's budget it's the best you can get! 8.5/10
  13. Pay to do laundry, average $20. Utilities are not included so you need to factor those in. No paying rent online. No luxury add on buildings
  14. Parking lot after snow SUCKS. Takes forever to get scraped and you will def be ice skating if it has sleeted.
  15. It’s ridiculously dirty and won’t be cleaned before you move in.
  16. Management is kinda hard to work with, but price is great, lots of space.
  17. This company allows their maintenance workers to enter the apartment unannounced and without prior communication and trashes the place.
  18. Walls are thin and the bathroom is small, but it’s a great apartment.
  19. Obviously no AC, walking to campus is great though and you get your own bathroom.
  20. This apartment is extremely close to campus and is very affordable for its location.
  21. Location.
  22. There are a lot of stairs, so it is not a good place for anyone with any sort of physical disability that limits lower body mobility.
  23. Unfurnished, rent increases yearly, utilities not included, charge for certain maintenance calls, show apt in Feb if lease not resigned.
  24. This apartment is a 7-10 minute walk to campus. There is no dishwasher or w/d unit in the apartment. The w/d is communal and coin-operated.
  25. Just know if you need something fixed have your parents involved or it will take weeks.
  26. Great location, but to get them to do maintenance or remove snow, you have to threaten legal action!
  27. My bedroom in our 2 bedroom unit flooded because the company couldn't provide repairs in a proactive manner. The unit was very damp.
  28. An okay place to live, no ac, old in style but washer/dryer/dishwasher/oven/ separate bathrooms
  29. The parking lot is strictly monitored for permits and the landlord doesn't repair damages to blinds or floors.
  30. There is no Air Conditioning! I found this out the hard way. Winters are manageable. Summers are unbearable without a personal A/C unit!
  31. These units do not have AC. In the summer, temperatures inside will be more than outside. In the winter, you'll have baseboard heating.
  32. Living in a house can be more of a commitment than living in an apartment. Utilities, Wi-Fi, and other things are YOUR responsibility.
  33. Kind of far away from campus. The exit is really hard to get out of because there is a lot of traffic. Finding parking is kind of hard.

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