Appalachian South Apartments

Overall Satisfaction:   3.69 out of 5 (35 responses)

Location   4.54
Amenities   3.25
Cost / value   3.83
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.09
Response to requests for repairs   4.03
Communication with rental company   4.29

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Newly renovated, small washer and dryer but close proximity to campus and very good maintenance crew.
  2. Friendly landlords who get maintenance requests filled quickly. Decent prices, but not the nicest units...
  3. There is a MASSIVE hill to get to building I. Would recommend having a car while living here bc it cannot be biked, and walking is a pain.
  4. You have to buy a parking pass, and there’s no visitor parking. Heating is thermal ceiling heat and there’s no vents in the unit.
  5. The windows are old so adding window insulation in the winter is a smart idea. The heat radiates from the ceiling so space heaters help too.
  6. You can walk to campus. They are older apartments. The office has great communication!
  7. It is somewhat old, and not in great shape. It is also extremely small. Like, even smaller than you think it would be.
  8. The property is in extreme disrepair. The stairs are so old they are close to falling apart, just as an example. Very rough environment.
  9. Very close to campus, only a 5 minute walk! Clean and spacious! Washers and dryers in building! Parking available at building. No pets.
  10. It is close, but crappy. It keeps warm air in, but is airy. It is up a giant hill but is not that bad once you do it for a bit. I love it
  11. Retro, 70's like look. came with a fridge, dishwasher, and personal washer and drier. Somehow stays warm, haven't had to pay for heat.
  12. Rooms are nasty and take pictures of everything in the house so you do not get blamed. Laundry is disgusting only 1 unit. Parking is 200.
  13. The laundry is expensive and small.
  14. Parking can be a little bit of a pain & there’s no guest parking in the actual parking lot but everyone parks in a gravel extension.
  15. It’s very conveniently located. You may not be able to walk to campus but it’s on multiple Appal Cart routes. I highly recommend it.
  16. The hot water is somewhat limited. If you use it for 20 minutes or so, it will most likely go out on you. Mostly decent otherwise.
  17. The building is poorly built. There are gaps between the door and wall, cracks in the bathroom, and bugs can easily get in.
  18. It’s not awful... it’s just old really and old school repairs are visually obvious. Plus wood paneling is gross.
  19. It gets really cold during the winter and really hot during the summer; place is not up to date. Light fixtures & stove are from the 70’s.
  20. This apartment is great! Walking distance to campus, a porch, good sized living space & kitchen with a bar, as well as a great atmosphere!
  21. It’s not worth the rent they’re asking for and the parking passes are extremely overpriced. Definitely a “last resort” place.
  22. Management is friendly! Apartment is old but be persistent in requesting updates. Heavy cleaning and decorations can make the old feel new
  23. LOW storage, old building, no AC. However lived here 2 years & found ways to improve the place and I have loved living there. Great location
  24. The appalcart does not drive up to the apartment. You must walk down a massive hill on a main road and back up it. It’s on a private road.
  25. This property is a great value for living close to campus but not great quality wise. Hard to travel in winter, the hill is not plowed.
  26. The rent is a joint leasing agreement: if someone screws up you are both in danger of eviction. Hill is INSANE to walk up. No lease breaking.
  27. no in-unit washer/dryer.
  28. Parking is limited and it can be dangerous to pull out of because the speed jumps up to 45 and there is limited visibility.
  29. Some of the units in Woodwinds 1 seem to be larger and cheaper. Amazing location. Thin walls, not enough hot water for bath in winter.
  30. App South is just straight up mean. They've hung up on me mid-sentence, given us false information and have been negligent in general. (Pinnacle Ridge)
  31. Affordable apartment living without the upscale benefits. Its nice to deal with a small company located in Boone and not an outside corp. (Pinnacle Woods)

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