Boone High Country Rentals

Overall Satisfaction:   3.56 out of 5 (59 responses)

Location   3.90
Amenities   3.11
Cost / value   3.24
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.70
Response to requests for repairs   3.59
Communication with rental company   2.92

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. They do not clean it before so you must clean it as soon as you move in or you will have maintenance problems.
  2. They will charge you for maintenance which we were not aware of when we called
  3. The carpets are in need of replacement and the condition of the house makes it due for an update. Location and views make up aplenty however.
  4. Parking situation is very sucky. No screens on windows.
  5. I live 20 minutes off campus in a beautiful location, so the drive is worth it. The rental company is hands-off, unless needed, which I like.
  6. Maintenance is extremely hard to get a hold of-even during emergencies. Rent prices are going up $100 for the same unit.
  7. Read the lease! Also pick a wonderful roommate as well! It will make the space 100 times better!
  8. Great location next to AMB. Renting company is same as rest of Boone-they rent mostly college students, so they aren't afraid to rip you off.
  9. Bus stop is 5+ minutes away, a hard walk in weather. Rental was not clean at all when we first moved in. Price for what you get is good.
  10. Rental company did not allow guest parking for the first month even though it was in our lease. We got it in September.
  11. It is a small space, but very affordable, very easy to clean, and lots of outdoor space!
  12. Be prepared to pay a lot for little in return with regards to what the property offers.
  13. There is limited parking and only 3 out of 4 roommates get parking passes. There is also no natural light in the communal area.
  14. Parking costs $40 a month, only 3 parking spots per house, no guest parking, AppalCart stop, utilities included.
  15. At Forest Edge tenants are on individual leases with each tenant paying for their own individual room and bathroom. Parking is $40 a month
  16. It’s overpriced but fairly okay place to live.
  17. Only get 3 parking spots (4 bedroom apartments). 4th roommate can park at Fun N Wheels but you have to pay.
  18. Only 3 parking spaces allotted per 4-tenant apt.; parking at the complex is $40 a month on top of rent. Apt. is on the Pop 105 route.
  19. There are only 3 parking spaces per each 4 person apartment.
  20. Boone high country rentals SUCKS! They do not care about tenants at all. We were literally broken into and robbed and they didn’t care.
  21. Only 3 out of the four tenants per townhouse are able to have parking spots. The spots are also very small and hard to park sometimes.
  22. Manage your money to the best of your abilities.
  23. Parking spaces are not big enough, only 4 visitor spots.
  24. There is basically no visitor parking/parking lot, in general, is small/hard to park in. Weren't great about clearing parking lot in snow.
  25. There are only four visitor parking spots, first come first serve. Also, the walk to the Appalcart stop is somewhat of a haul.
  26. Great value for money, utilities included, very comfortable and high quality
  27. 2 bed/2 bath with in unit washer & dryer
  28. Cable & WiFi included w/ rent + utility allowance.
  29. Hardwood throughout & granite countertops.
  30. It’s garbage.
  31. Properties (houses) managed by Boone High Country Rentals are great for students who are fine living without a working shower for months.
  32. Pet friendly with pet fees but super strict parking enforcement
  33. This apartment is great value for the price, but management company is disrespectful and makes you feel small. Avoid interaction at all cost.
  34. This rental company is a complete money grab. They don’t care about their tenants and will charge for ridiculous things.
  35. Very good location but needs to be updated
  37. While the properties are good, the staff and efficiency of the company is horrible..
  38. Quiet complex located up a very steep, curvy road. 4WD is recommended during winter. Units are nice/well kept, especially for the money.
  39. No visitor parking. Wi-Fi is 200 mbps. Easy to hear sound outside of the apartment (cars on King Street, other people in the complex).
  40. Communication between the tenant and company regarding big issues is hard. The unit is updated and the location is nice.
  41. TK2 has a good location and is pretty nice. The only problem is BHCR... their leasing team is very unresponsive, which causes undue stress.
  42. Nice location to campus but there is no guest parking or free parking around so it’s difficult to have guests over.
  43. This property is pricey but includes all the big appliances and has very responsive owners.
  44. BHCR takes advantage of college students, in the past two terms I’ve lived here the rent has increased for no reason at all.
  45. There isn't official guest parking but the mechanics are very kind and let people park after hours. The balcony has a fabulous view!
  46. Is an expensive place to live, mostly older students. Very quiet, only studio apartments in this building (24 units total).
  47. Apt was well cleaned at move-in, but parking areas are in terrible condition. Potholes galore and large trees that drop sap onto cars. (Summit Woods Complex)
  48. Flea infested, every problem was blamed on us, told to sue them if we didn't like it. (1790 U.S. Highway 421 North)
  49. For what they charge it is not worth it. They also are impossible to communicate any issues with. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL. (Forest Edge Townhomes)
  50. Parking is tight. (Forest Edge)

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