Brown Heights

Overall Satisfaction:   4.33 out of 5 (18 responses)

Location   4.56
Amenities   4.00
Cost / value   4.44
Physical condition of the rental unit   4.00
Response to requests for repairs   4.42
Communication with rental company   4.06

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. There is no A/C at Brown Heights Properties. Also utilities are not included and can be expensive if using New River Light and Power.
  2. The place does not include utilities so you have to pay separate bills for that.
  3. Older appliances, good parking, no amenities, friendly staff, timely repairs.
  4. Management isn’t always pleasant and walls are not soundproof. but very CHEAP and good for 1st ever apartment.
  5. It doesn’t have AC, so in the summer it's like living in a sauna.
  6. They come in randomly whenever they want.
  7. It is furnished and close to campus!
  8. Brown Heights is a great place to live. The management cares about its residents and responds to issues quickly.
  9. It has the option to come furnished for free! It's within walking distance to campus, and the bus is very reliable. No utilities included.
  10. It is close to campus and inexpensive. Good value.
  11. It’s a pretty cheap option while still having a decent overall quality. If you like being close to campus, this is a great little place.
  12. It’s not the most up to date apartment complex but rent is very cheap and affordable and you’re right in town near everything and campus.
  13. Neighbors tend to be loud. It can get dangerous driving and/or walking down the hill when it had previously snowed or rained in cold temps.
  14. If you are a responsible tenant, Brown Heights is a great deal. I've been here for 3 years and have had no issues. Maintenance is fantastic!
  15. Good people to rent from.
  16. There is no air conditioning.

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