Cottages Of Boone

Overall Satisfaction:   2.83 out of 5 (46 responses)

Location   3.24
Amenities   3.74
Cost / value   2.13
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.11
Response to requests for repairs   2.91
Communication with rental company   2.54

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. It’s pricey, but better than a lot of the older apartments in town.
  2. The cottages are expensive because of utilities not being included. However, the neighborhood atmosphere and living in a house is great.
  3. It is expensive!! Make sure to document any damages at move in.
  4. despite paying a $250 redecoration fee you will need to do lots of cleaning before moving your stuff in.
  5. Communication is always ten times better if you go in to the office being calm and nice!
  6. it’s nice to have your own room and bathroom but it’s not worth what you pay. units are disgusting and way overpriced. Don’t live here!!!
  7. The rental company tries to get as much money from you as possible, especially with the security deposit.
  8. Tbh it’s a pretty good place to live. Just be prepared with a few roommates in mind.
  9. The cottages of Boone do not care about their residents safety. After multiple reports of weed being smoked, the cottages did nothing.
  10. The Cottages has many flaws with the properties and many times they will not fix the issues or claim they did with no change.
  11. Poorly built, drafty, way too many pet owners do not pick up after their pets, litter everywhere, thin walls.
  12. It’s really expensive. Maintenance takes a while to get there and usually it’s only a temporary fix.
  13. The property comes with free parking and transport to campus. The apartments all have granite counters, walk in closets, private bathrooms
  14. Unit itself wasn’t bad, seemed nice before moved in then unsatisfied, bad management, rude neighbors, dog poop everywhere.
  15. Management don’t take students seriously and find every way to charge them more than they owe. Had to get parents/lawyers involved.
  16. They jack up the prices every single year. There is absolutely no reason it should be more expensive to live in Boone than Chapel Hill.
  17. sometimes the water goes out with no warning usually for an hour or less. not sure why but it can be annoying.
  18. Management did not take college students seriously. Overall a disgusting and nasty place to live.
  19. Maintenance will NOT fix things with good quality work. Amenities are GREAT. Bus is also very good. Parking is A+
  20. They are alright. Really far from campus and sometimes it feels they only care about money , plus the rent keeps going up.
  21. Pay a lot of money for broken things and they refuse to fix them unless you prove it is broken. A $350 move in charge when everything dirty.
  22. The cottages of Boone may appeal to college life but the company is very aware we are students and take advantage of that whenever possible.
  23. It is nice but expensive. They are strict in rules and will charge fees for not following rules. Furniture package is $$ for partially done.
  24. It's not as good as they make it out to be and that the conditions of the unit isn't to par for what they're charging.
  25. Management is the worst, I believe that the cottages just want your money and do not care about the tenants needs.
  26. Take as many photos as you can before moving in and when moving out. As sometimes you could be charged for damages you did not do.
  27. My roommate dropped out of college is addicted to drugs and mean. She is too lazy to move out, cottages not helpful in getting her out.
  28. Repairs are quick, units are spacious, neighborhood pretty, but having so many roommates to lower rental rates is the worst part for me.
  29. The cottages get a bad rep from people but they really are a great place to live. & it’s hard to find a college rental that’s truly perfect.
  30. It's incredibly expensive if you happened to get kick-off campus and have nowhere else to live.
  31. They do take forever to complete maintenance requests and sometimes our water gets turned off randomly but I love the amount of space I have.
  32. When there is inclement weather, it is difficult to get to campus from the Cottages. Also, the water is unreliable/stops working a lot.
  33. The apartment is very nice and spacious compared to other properties. Only downside is the walls/ceiling/floors are thinner than paper.
  34. Bus fills up fast, might have to walk to the earlier stops to make sure you can get on.
  35. The marketing doesn’t correlate with the living conditions. Maintenance & management move slowly & don’t have residents’ best interest in mind.
  36. You are paying a lot for amenities so if you don’t plan on using them it might be better to find somewhere else that is simpler and cheaper.
  37. overpriced but some units have amazing views. the bus comes but it is out of the way, definitely considering the massive hill.
  38. It is expensive!! They seem like a “luxury style” apartment but really aren’t worth the money.
  39. The apartments themselves are nice, but the rental company is awful. They will nickel and dime you for everything, even if it's not your fault.
  40. Worst management ever.
  41. Do. not. rent. Waste of money. Disgusting unit. Overpriced. Management will NOT communicate or work with you at all.
  42. Make sure you have roommates in advance to avoid random assignments. Also look more into reviews and ratings.

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