Hidden Creek Management

Overall Satisfaction:   3.19 out of 5 (16 responses)

Location   4.13
Amenities   3.00
Cost / value   3.25
Physical condition of the rental unit   2.88
Response to requests for repairs   2.69
Communication with rental company   2.73

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Made me pay for cleaning which was the landlords responsibility. Deducted cleaning fee from my deposit in violation of NCGS § 42-51.
  2. This property is 1 lease, it is pet friendly, it’s pretty decent for what you pay.
  3. Great location.
  4. Check your email, and when emails recommend checking your heat/water/etc, do it.
  5. The landlords are cheap and will do minimum to fix things, the rental company refuses to fulfill maintenance requests.
  6. They will not listen to important maintenance requests and there are security deposit issues including transfers from leases.
  7. Huge mold problem during warmer months -- owner refuses to install a dehumidifier. All appliances are old except for the microwave. Inefficient.
  8. Absolute worst rental company to lease from. They do not do touch ups to apartments or houses before new tenants. Awful communication skills.
  9. House between Portos and Local. Unfinished floors, unsealed doors/windows, covered in mold. W/D never installed. Took security deposit.
  10. Hidden Creek is now under new ownership and may have changed their policies.

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