Holton Mountain Rentals

Overall Satisfaction:   3.94 out of 5 (87 responses)

Location   4.08
Amenities   3.17
Cost / value   3.53
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.92
Response to requests for repairs   3.89
Communication with rental company   3.38

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. HMR can be a hit or miss. Some locations are decent, some are not.
  3. Holton absolutely sucks. The man does not know what fun is, but he has nice properties.
  4. This rental company's methods are quite outdated. Payment in 2 forms: check/money order. No drop box/online. No grace period for payments.
  5. The space is perfect for a college student. I love the ability to walk to class and King Street. I love living here!
  6. Parking lot is very dangerous in snow and ice. Hard to have people over, due to no visitor parking or visitor parking pass options.
  7. There is no Appalcart station within walking distance, so you have to drive to campus.
  8. Bramblewood has a limited number of renovated units. The walls are quite thin so you may hear your neighbors often. Overall it is spacious.
  9. Communication is not their strongest, and they often are unwilling to cooperate with their tenants (any age, not just students).
  10. convenient location (2 bus routes), but the walls are thin and it shakes when windy.
  11. It is close - walk to campus, parking on King Street, and only 15 units. The walls/floors are VERY thin!
  12. apartments are right next to the convocation center so when there are events in the convo, it can get a little crowded. No guest parking.
  13. Cute 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. Walking distance to Walmart, 10 minute bus to campus. One roommate, will remain. $475 a month, water included.
  14. Good luck with maintenance requests, know multiple tenants that have had to deal with problems, other than that very homely and secluded.
  15. Boone is a landlord's market, there is little affordable housing for renters. Is my experience better or worse than average? I don't know.
  16. It is on a giant hill that becomes very icy. Extremely unsafe during the winter. They’re a bit run down as well.
  17. It is a great location and walking distance to campus. Small and friendly complex. Only complaint is there is no AC!
  18. You really have to stay on top of management if you want something to get done.
  19. Like all Boone rentals, Holton is overpriced. However, they're good about repairs, and as long as you follow your lease you'll be fine.
  20. All rent has to be turned in in-person, there are not any online payment options.
  21. The apartment is within walking distance to campus and any work orders that are placed are typically looked at the next day.
  22. I'm a sophomore, so it's taken a lot to understand the bus routes. I have to have a parking pass for another lot to get to the bus.
  23. It’s a great place to live for college students, but both families and students live here. Also it’s not on appalcart which sucks
  24. The floors are uneven. The carpet is old and they don’t clean the apartment before you move in. The kitchen has bad cabinet space, awkward.
  25. It’s cold.
  26. Far from campus.
  27. Very convenient location right next to campus.
  28. Great views.
  29. guest parking is limited and the apartment is a little out of the way. maintenance will come by unannounced. over all best deal for the cost.
  30. Utilities are included in rent but in the winter there is potential to go over the electricity cap.
  31. They are very strict when it comes to rules.
  32. It’s beautiful! But beware of ice. The hill gets really slippery.
  33. Great area away from campus that has a relaxing vibe and great views. Haven’t faced any terrible management problems.
  34. Never had a problem. Beautiful views of the mountains, convenient to campus and everything else in town! Loved living here.
  35. Doesn’t have air conditioning and this is never explicitly stated on the Kensington website. The nearest appalcart only comes every 30 min
  36. It has incredible views from the back deck, parking for tenants and visitors is good. Agency doesn’t have online payment. Must pay in office.
  37. Big hill.
  38. -No AC
  39. -bit far from campus
  40. -hill seems huge
  41. -Old Bristol is a very narrow road.
  42. The road is very steep so when it gets icy/snowy is can be difficult to get down.
  43. Rent has utilities included, the only downside is there is only one bus that comes to and it takes about 35 minutes in between each.
  44. I do love KM a lot. But, the location is much farther from campus than you think. About 10-15 mins away, from ANYTHING, plus traffic.
  45. There is a very large hill that you must drive/walk up for the apartment complex. You are responsible for clearing your stairs if on B units.
  46. Great views and average priced rent for Boone. Boone rent is overpriced though, especially since App is the least funded school.
  47. the internet is bad because they use the same block for all the tenants and the parking spaces are horribly small, other than that it’s great.
  48. No pets. Also, falls under the Watauga Noise Ordinance so the Sheriff will come knocking if you are being loud after 11pm. Also, icy.
  49. The hill can be difficult if you live at the top but the views make it worth it!
  50. They show up at unreasonable hours to your house without notice when you have asked for them to give you 24hrs notice on four separate times.
  51. It’s old but has great potential. Perfect for 2 people and very nice if kept clean!
  52. No guest parking, no amenities, no air.
  53. there is a huge porch space, but personal not enough apartment space for the price. no windows only in bedroom.
  54. There is no guest parking allowed. So if you would like to have guests over you will have to pick them up yourself.
  55. It is located near condemned apartments- you have to pass these apartments to get to bus stop. It's dangerous. Bus stop is out of the way.
  56. How to contact landlords, and how willing they are to fix things that stop working or never worked.
  57. Just your basic cheap first apartment. Old, but comfortable.
  58. it's alright.
  59. They actually seem to care about their properties, it was spotless when I moved in, and they actually try and keep it nice, which is great
  60. The kitchen is really really nice, but the walls are thin and you can hear people walking in the apartment above you.
  61. Hot in the summer is the only downside. Right next to LLH (bus stop as well), right on the greenway, walk to grocery, no visitor parking.
  62. Great location, VERY HOT in the Summer, perfect in the Winter, new kitchen (very nice), but a little overpriced. Recommend to those with $$.
  63. Write additional damages you see and turn those in to secure you getting your security deposit back.
  64. Old and not updated yet the rent continues to rise every year. Maintenance comes without notice. Love the location and free parking!
  65. The parking lot is on a hill and doesn't get plowed in winter. Lot is managed by App Management- this isn't made clear in the lease.
  66. The units are very nice and spacious. Stairs are very slippery in winter and building is on a hill steep which is dangerous when it snows!
  67. Be prepared to slide down the hill to get to a bus stop. The building itself seems old, but holds in heat pretty well in the winter.
  68. It’s a nice apartment with a good location to the health science building but there’s a lot of black mold and maintenance just shows up alot.
  69. It’s older but it gets the job done. It’s close to the Levine building so Pink, Red, and Express all run nearby.
  70. It is very quiet here and a short walk to the health science building.
  71. The price is decent for an apartment in Boone. Decent space and individual bathrooms which are a plus.
  72. It’s a 10 minute drive from campus and it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it’s super quiet and I haven’t had any major problems.
  73. This property is about 10-15 minutes from campus, the closest bus stop is about 2 miles away, and is up a steep hill so 4WD recommended.
  74. There is no appalcart route, and the property isn’t open to undergraduate students.
  75. There are no recycling cans at this location. Republic doesn’t care about us.
  76. Parking and trash disposal is included; very close to campus.
  77. HMR is $$$ hungry. WATCH MAINTENANCE charges & make sure they are not double charging -- happened to me. Decent, old apartments. (Horn in the West Apartments)
  78. They arent very fast with repairs & do not tell you when theyre coming. The staff seems to treat you more like children then paying adults. (Campus North)
  79. Dont raise rent of an apartment no bigger than a mall bathroom to $750 when we are all broke due to COVID-19. (Covington Place)

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