Kuester Communities

Overall Satisfaction:   3.68 out of 5 (60 responses)

Location   4.05
Amenities   3.34
Cost / value   2.80
Physical condition of the rental unit   4.02
Response to requests for repairs   3.28
Communication with rental company   3.67

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. For the price I think it should be closer to campus, if you don’t want to walk a mile home you have to take a bus that’s an extra 40 minutes
  2. There is no room for parking and my car has been scratched several times because of it. Rent is too high for what I receive in exchange.
  3. There is no guest parking. The surcharges are crazy for payments. Trash valet service is very nice.
  4. Is a fairly average unit to live in off campus. Not amazing, not terrible.
  5. They keep raising the rent a lot every year. We started paying $590 a month and next year they’re asking for $650 for the same apartment.
  6. A good "starter" apartment, the property managers are nice, the rent is a little high, clean, enough room but could be bigger for hosting
  7. Application is $300, security deposit is $400, pay full month ($650+) before move in later in month, pay electricity for time you weren't there.
  8. This property is amazing, just outrageously expensive like most places in Boone.
  9. Difficult to get visitor parking during certain times of the year.
  10. The only good thing about this apartment is the proximity to campus. I have been dissatisfied throughout my lease for a number of reasons.
  11. They only make repairs if your parents call, the rental rate goes up $30 to $50 per year, and there is no visitor parking at all.
  12. They are a good company but sometimes it’s hard for them to respond to maintenance requests on time because they have so many properties
  13. it can be noisy from neighbors upstairs and outside in parking lots. there is not enough parking close to front buildings.
  14. parking can be annoying sometimes. Very expensive. Rent going up next fall and I, like many others, will be moving out because it’s expensive.
  15. The kuester office is on site so it’s convenient to go ask a question or talk to them about anything like a maintenance request.
  16. I felt things were always breaking or not working.
  17. Don’t be surprised moving into your apartment to have it looking like it’s never been cleaned before. Maintenance requests take a while.
  18. Dog poop is not cleaned up; cleanup bags aren't stocked and trash isn't emptied. Very noisy; big dogs allowed to live on 4th floor.
  19. They aren’t the best at ensuring the safety of residence. They also like to bump the cost with no pay off (i.e. security cameras).
  20. Kuester is very good about fulfilling maintenance requests in a timely manner. The staff is also very sweet and reliable.
  21. Electric not included.
  22. the bus schedule isn’t good. There isn’t a bus that goes to health sciences, so I have to take two buses to get there. One comes every 30 min.
  23. It is very spacious and has plenty parking.
  24. No guests are allowed.
  25. It’s a nice apartment, just hard to find parking and the bus route stops running after 5pm, so you’ll need to find another alternative.
  26. The parking lot is small, specifically the row closest to the road.
  27. Although these apartments can be expensive, they are very nice and I’ve never had a problem with my apartment. The rental company also cares.
  28. It might be a little too far away from campus to walk but the buses do go by the building.
  29. These apartments look a lot like Mountaineer but bigger. They don't have the amenities but are bigger and cleaner.
  30. It is a nice, convenient place to live to go to AppState. However, I do wish it was cleaner, and more organized for the price it charges you.
  31. The internet is horrible. Management says they can’t do anything and so does the internet company.
  32. The maintenance is slow to respond to any maintenance requests since the property is not at the office. Be persistent.
  33. It is important to balance price with your needs, just because it’s dirt cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best living environment.
  34. Kuester is not the best rental company. If your apartment has no issues, then they can be good. If your apartment does, they can be horrible.
  35. A great apt, it does seem a little on the pricey side but not having to worry about most of the utilities is nice. It’s well maintained!
  36. Maintenance will not fix your problem in a timely manner.
  37. Convenient and very clean. The complex has been kept up with very well!
  38. The Appalcart route to Turtle Creek is awful and long, and not necessarily safe. Expect 30 mins of misery every morning and afternoon.
  39. They give a discount in rent if you get high grades each semester.
  40. If there isn’t visitor parking left, have friends park at high school or new market or else they WILL get a boot.
  41. The units themselves are nice, but the management company does not clean in between tenants so they will be dirty.
  42. Kindly continue to follow up with the office even if they are full for the year - you might be able to find a sublease opportunity.
  43. Highland Crossing is convenient to campus and is a great place to live. The staff is nice and easy to talk to and the gym/clubhouse is great
  44. The actual apartments are nice but they are not cleaned well between tenants leading them to not be worth the amount of money they charge. (Village of Glen Wilde)
  45. I have enjoyed living here overall but maintenance requests are often ignored or take months to be resolved and its quite expensive. (Greenway Cove)
  46. The units are a little beat up but are in much better condition than other properties Ive seen. Office staff is generally friendly. (Highland Crossing)
  47. This apartment complex is quiet due to its location and parking lot. It is easily walkable to the health science building. (Glen Wilde)
  48. Most pet friendly complex, but the Appalcart isnt very convenient. Best for people who drive to campus. (Turtle Creek West)

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