Mountaineer Village

Overall Satisfaction:   3.56 out of 5 (41 responses)

Location   3.68
Amenities   4.24
Cost / value   2.61
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.88
Response to requests for repairs   4.02
Communication with rental company   3.51

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. It's okay but not the best for graduate students. I was matched with undergrads even though I specified a preference for graduates.
  2. Internet connection is wifi only and can be spotty sometimes. Bus can get full during peak times but it's about a 10 minute ride to campus.
  3. MV management staff is very unhelpful and inconsiderate. Amenities are always broken and they won’t fix for months. AVOID LIVING HERE.
  4. It's a cheap apartment. My room in particular has NO natural light at all. The internet can also be really slow during the evening.
  5. While convenient for its proximity to campus, it is not worth the price point it is currently at, with rates increasing next leasing period.
  6. The only reason I left this complex was because of the rent increase and they stopped being all inclusive.
  7. They love to raise their prices in any way possible. Each year they have added on another expense with no reason or plan to better housing.
  8. Two bus stops. Kinda pricey. Wifi isn't the greatest. Free printing in the office. Overall good place to live.
  9. They think Wifi only is an upgrade... it's really not!
  10. A safe place to live but has its downfalls. Very expensive and bad internet.
  11. They raise rent each year, even for renewal. Busses come every 10 mins during school day! Dog friendly and great amenities.
  12. The people that work in the office and the guys that work on the grounds are awesome.
  13. the internet is [bad] and they will never do anything about it. A student should never live here.
  14. Bus route can be a bit frustrating, but it’s not bad. Physical condition is about the same as dorms. Nice to have own bath and bedroom.
  15. Guest parking is hard to find and the location is on top of a hill so when it’s icy, it can be scary to drive. Only 1 bus route comes here.
  16. The rent is constantly going to go up. For the raise of rent it is not worth the price.
  17. This property has been great to rent from! They have so many amenities and send emails more than once a week to keep you updated on events.
  18. No maintenance repairs on the weekend. Rent will go up every year.
  19. It’s had many problems with internet for Fall 2019 semester, so that’s been an issue but hopefully it’s been fixed for good.
  20. They overcharge and the internet is not dependable at all. It’s a very nice place to live but those two negatives outweigh the benefits.
  21. This is the best option for students wanting animals.
  22. I love living at MV but sometimes the Orange route just decides to run one bus without warning and it throws off getting to campus.
  23. Utilities (electricity (HVAC) and internet) are NOT included in the rental price. This can get a bit pricey!
  24. Don’t buy insurance through them, buy your own. And the rent is too expensive. There is no way a 3bedroom costs over 1,800 a month.
  25. As a whole, Mountaineer Village is a great place to live. My only complaint is the cost.
  26. Other than the high cost, it is a great place to live. Timely response for repairs, great living space, good location.
  27. They charge you for the name not the quality of the place.
  28. The property is nice and well-managed. Had awful time with Holton and Meadowview. This was refreshing. The internet is TRASH though.
  29. The electricity is not included in utilities! They've had a lot of issues with wifi.
  30. WiFi has had problems in the past with shutting down, hasn’t happened since October 2019. The complex has a good full time maintenance team
  31. It is a great place to live.
  32. No wired ethernet, high cost of electricity due to electric heat, old stoves, and more. it's a bit above average, just need more for the price.
  33. The property is extremely overpriced and each year rent increases but no renovations are done. There is mold in every unit.

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