SC & S Futures

Overall Satisfaction:   3.53 out of 5 (19 responses)

Location   4.79
Amenities   3.00
Cost / value   3.47
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.37
Response to requests for repairs   3.37
Communication with rental company   3.42

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. There was a lot of mold in the unit I was in. Mostly in the bathroom.
  2. The Campus Hill Apartments are a bit expensive and do not include electricity or wifi and parking is not guaranteed.
  3. Even though the location is conveniently close to campus, it’s an old building and does have a lot of problems (ie leaky roof, mold, etc).
  4. HORRIBLE! The apartment is nearly destroyed and the owner will only patch things up instead of replacing.
  5. Landlord is great. Pet friendly w/ fee. Hardly hear neighbors. 2bed/2bath. No issues w/ parking. Maintenance guys are quick to respond.
  6. Bare bones apartments - two bedrooms, a kitchen space and shared bathroom. Cheap housing (a plus) but at the cost of a cleaner/newer setup.
  7. Great location, landlord is easy to communicate with, apartment is decent compared to most others in that price range.
  8. Make sure you understand the amount of stair climbing you are going to have to do to get to and from campus.
  9. The ceiling leaks water from the apartment above us, and they just drilled some holes to let it out. They never fixed the source of the leak.
  10. Usually no parking. Have to pay electricity AND wifi. If you do get parking, it’s yet another ADDITIONAL cost.
  11. It’s amazing for the location and price!!! It’s just not boujee living but it’s very easy to make the place cute and cozy!
  12. Great location. Not the bougiest, but a good first apartment!
  13. Landlord isn’t prompt about replying to repairs needed.
  14. Good location. The landlord lays pretty low unless there is a serious issue. Really good about responding to messages fast.
  15. Simple apartments without all the bells and whistles. Good price and location. Pets allowed.
  16. This location is located perfectly. Close to campus, close to 105, close to king street. PERFECT LOCATION FOR OFF-CAMPUS.
  17. The property management leaves a lot to be desired with regards to how quickly they respond to maintenance requests that aren’t urgent.
  18. Utilities are separate and does not have air conditioning. (Whispering Ridge)

Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

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