Skyline Terrace

Overall Satisfaction:   4.82 out of 5 (11 responses)

Location   4.09
Amenities   4.18
Cost / value   4.09
Physical condition of the rental unit   4.82
Response to requests for repairs   4.80
Communication with rental company   4.36

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Super reasonable pet fees. Great units and amenities but parking is a huge issue (at least right now while they are adding to the complex).
  2. The apartments are new and modern along with very good management.
  3. Well taken care of, respectful tenants and a quiet neighborhood to live in. It is a great, safe area for dog owners to walk their dogs.
  4. There is an issue with dog waste at Skyline Terrace.
  5. Rent is higher than most places in Boone.
  6. Parking can be an issue, but every unit is given one guest pass per person. The complex is a mix of students and nonstudents.
  7. It’s more costly because it’s not “student housing”, but it’s the first apartment I’ve had where I feel like I’m going to a real home.
  8. The units are nice and new. The only issues I've had is finding parking and hearing barking dogs at all hours. The units do have thin walls.

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