The Standard

Overall Satisfaction:   3.66 out of 5 (32 responses)

Location   4.56
Amenities   4.13
Cost / value   2.28
Physical condition of the rental unit   4.06
Response to requests for repairs   4.0
Communication with rental company   3.16

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. It’s very expensive, and the quality isn’t good. But it’s close to campus, which is the best part about it. And pet friendly and furnished.
  2. It is a great cost for its location also includes a parking garage for your car. I have lived here the past three years.
  3. The rooms in the apartments are different sizes but you pay the same rate no matter what size you get. Small ones are very small.
  4. If you do not own a car, or you own a pet it is worth the money.
  5. Cost of rent, plus all additional fees, are ridiculously overpriced and not worth the experience of living here -- should be luxury for the price.
  6. Living at the Standard is convenient in terms of distance and furnishings. However, keep in mind that it is loud and busy 24/7.
  7. $500 fines for property damage. Random fire alarms go off. They are VERY LOUD. Make friends with maintenance staff. They will tow/boot you.
  8. The amenities are really nice & the apartment as a whole is nice. The people at the front desk are happy to help with any problems or issue.
  9. It’s furnished and the only “extra” thing you have to pay for is power and parking.
  10. Know that they are not lenient on their parking restrictions. I was parked barely over the line in a tight space and got booted.
  11. It comes furnished and has a washer and dryer in unit. It is a nice walk to campus and an appalcart outside and across the street.
  12. Convenient, fancy, but way overpriced. Parking is a nightmare, management is a struggle to work with. Don’t bother.
  13. The location is amazing, there is also an AppalCart stop right across the street. The cost is worth it.
  14. Nice apartment -- however, running across Blowing Rock Rd to catch the appalcart is very scary.
  15. Location is great but the billing is sketchy. I signed a lease for the 2020-2021 school year and then began receiving $25 patio bill midway.
  16. The management is awful. The hallways looks disgusting. Definitely not worth what you pay for!
  17. Some hidden fees, there is no guest parking, but they have a computer lab with a printer and nice spaces to study.
  18. It's good if you’re looking for a lot of amenities, it makes the price worth it in my opinion.
  19. The apartments themselves are good, but the hallways and stairwells are rarely kept clean. If you can find a less expensive place, go there.
  20. Your car WILL get damaged and there are no cameras in the parking garage to hold anyone accountable. Amount of dog poop and trash is gross.
  21. I love how you can have your own room and bathroom in The Standard, and most appliances/furniture are pretty up-to-date; bit too expensive.
  22. That read the lease before you sign or else you are stuck
  23. The B building of the standard is a great place to live. Much cleaner than the main building. Very $$$ but overall it’s worth it.
  24. The apartment itself is very nice and it is pet friendly. The only downside is the weird hallways, but you are rarely in the hallways.
  25. Hallways look like prisons, but the apartments are very nice.
  26. The parking can be aggravating if you do not live on the 5th floor. other than that, apartments are very updated and nice looking.
  27. Due to Covid, it's very challenging to access the amenities offered, despite me still paying for these amenities monthly. Lots of hidden fees.

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