Studio West

Overall Satisfaction:   3.63 out of 5 (8 responses)

Location   4.5
Amenities   3.5
Cost / value   2.75
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.88
Response to requests for repairs   4.25
Communication with rental company   4.50

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Good place to live off campus that's not too far and too close. They're studio apartments so you don't have a roommate and they allow pets!
  2. Don’t expect a lot of communication with other tenants at the property. Majority of people here keep to themselves.
  3. The rent is $800 and some change. On ads online I’ve seen they still say $750. Management is slightly disorganized, but are good people.
  4. Laundry is expensive.
  5. If you are moving in with someone else, make absolutely sure that you have a means of getting space sometime or it will be very cramped.
  6. its close to campus, which is really nice, and the property itself has a lot to offer for how small it is.
  7. It is very small, but it is all inclusive, so it’s worth what you pay if you like living alone.

Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

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