University Highlands

Overall Satisfaction:   3.87 out of 5 (62 responses)

Location   3.73
Amenities   4.08
Cost / value   4.11
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.98
Response to requests for repairs   4.24
Communication with rental company   3.48

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Parking can be difficult to find by your apartment if coming in late; however, complex very well lit.
  2. It’s a great deal because everything is included into your already cheap rent. Gym, pool, guest parking, trash, and bus stop.. you name it.
  3. It's an amazing value! It comes fully furnished, and utilities are included in your monthly rent.
  4. You get what you pay for! Fair price but outdated apartments, unreasonable management, barely any visitor parking, and very far from campus.
  5. Can be pretty strict about things placed on the balcony but that is about it.
  6. Living here is a good deal financially. It's cheap for the quality but be prepared to be micromanaged and dismissed by management.
  7. Having a furnished place is super nice.
  8. The place is great, but I have had multiple issues with my roommates and the cleanliness of the apartment and nothing is getting done for it
  9. Very nice a well-kept place A good deal, including all furniture and utilities. Extremely strict landlord however. Hard to work with.
  10. No pets allowed, and their visitor parking policy is kinda strict.
  11. Management is terrible and they clearly do not care about the condition of the units nor their tenants.
  12. Very strict on rules, but convenient. Cheap and clean overall. Strict about parking and guests. Management is a major hassle to deal with.
  13. The most important thing to know is some of the buildings are older and have problems but it’s easy to solve them
  14. It's an okay place to rent from if you're looking for something inexpensive and has an appalcart.
  15. The buses actually come 15 minutes from each other. They don’t salt the sidewalks or the streets well in the snow or ice.
  16. As long as you can follow the rules on the lease, this property is great. Getting to the bus stop early is an absolute must though!
  17. In high demand.
  18. The parking is terrible for the 1000’s building. The utilities are included, which is great.
  19. To know that this is a good place to live overall, just some of the apartments are very old and have problems.
  20. In a 4 bedroom apartment, 2 people will get SMALL rooms. kitchen appliances outdated. Still best deal in Boone bc all inclusive+furnished.
  21. Very strict rules & please READ THE LEASING AGREEMENT. It’s a lot. Good location, good price but it’s like living on campus. Little privacy.
  22. The parking rules are strict.
  23. The lease is very strict and can be annoying to deal with at times. Also parking can be bad depending on which building you are in.
  24. Because it comes with furniture, it's not always the best quality and sometimes breaks easily, but it's a great place to live.
  25. It’s a wonderful place to live and is just as affordable as on campus housing.The Pop 105 bus goes right to campus every 10 mins, convenient.
  26. This is a great complex to live at, especially for people who just moved off-campus. Having furniture and utilities included was a big plus.
  27. You have to be careful with parking. Make sure to have your sticker, and visitors must park in the visitor lot or they will get booted.
  28. The walls are a little thin between rooms and units so watch your music/TV/general noise levels later at night. Be considerate!
  29. It’s perfect for an off campus housing.
  30. They randomly assign apartment mates if you have an empty slot. Horrible experience with random assigned person. FIND your own people.
  31. It is SUCH a good deal financially. Bus is incredible and having all bills included is a must. Parking sucks for visitors.
  32. The rooms and kitchen are very small, it’s very hard to have more than one person in the kitchen at once.
  33. Rent increases after a year of living there. I pay $500 for my rent for the current year. Next year I will have to pay $525.
  34. It is very convenient to get to campus using Appalcart! A bus comes about every 10 minutes and there is a night route that runs as well.
  35. Management is kind and very helpful in any possible situation.
  36. having everything being all inclusive helps and makes things very easy! Only issue is the long bus rides.
  37. On-site parking is pretty cramped and the visitors lot is always full on the weekends, but that’s more than some apartments in Boone offer.
  38. One of best value for money in Boone.
  39. Very strict management.
  40. the guest parking does not accommodate many people and the office offers no alternate options if a friend comes and the lot is full.
  41. The Highlands are practically perfect! One complaint I have is that they don't ice the sidewalks when it snows. I've fallen multiple times.
  42. Everything is all inclusive and you do not need to bring any furniture at all! It’s good for the price!
  43. University Highlands is a great place to live and for a great price too! The buses give easy access to campus and the location is beautiful!
  44. In my opinion, it has one of the best accesses to the Appalcart, the apartments are situated pretty close to the bus stop shelter.
  45. The apartment is pretty much all-inclusive. Furniture, amenities, utilities, appliances including washer/dryer. No kitchenware included.
  46. They have security and personal alarms. It’s also a good bang for your buck!
  47. Great place to start living on your own with good amenities. But strict management, crappy parking and packed buses. Overall clean place.
  48. Make sure you read the lease carefully and be careful with guest parking!
  49. Probably best value for App students. Appalcart goes straight to campus. Quiet, but good place to live.
  50. Your neighbors will probably be obnoxious men that party loudly every day so you have to file 5 complaints against them and they never stop.
  51. All-inclusive rent and fully furnished.

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