Village Of Meadowview

Overall Satisfaction:   3.57 out of 5 (28 responses)

Location   3.46
Amenities   3.93
Cost / value   2.61
Physical condition of the rental unit   3.89
Response to requests for repairs   4.33
Communication with rental company   3.57

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Apartments have great views of the mountains & staff is very welcoming/helpful.
  2. Kind people. good size unit. great amenities. I love the village of meadowview!
  3. Parking is awful, management is bad, it’s so hard to live here and it’s too expensive.
  4. For the $$, it is not worth it. Rental companies in Boone know that students need housing and they gouge the prices. Choose wisely.
  5. On the edge of the mountain, can be pretty nerve racking. They check the foundation constantly for cracks or damage which is not settling.
  6. Buildings were constructed hastily and that’s reflected in how they’re aging. They pay with amazon gift cards for good reviews online.
  7. It’s important to remember that the price is worth the quality. You pay for what you get. Parking is so-so depending on building.
  8. Mostly paying for the view. Very spacious inside, but parking can be tricky. Has a gym and free printing.
  9. Nice, quiet complex with great amenities. Bus ride gets tedious. Overall a nice place to live.
  10. Pet fees are ludicrous and the rent is very, very high. It's a great place otherwise.
  11. Not worth the money. $640 + electric and water for an apartment that is built poorly and constantly has appliances breaking and bug issues.
  12. All utilities are included except for electric!
  13. SimpleBills is not simple at all and is a massive pain. Slightly expensive, but has gym, printer lab, and valet trash most nights.
  14. It’s a little far from campus and slightly expensive, but it’s close to all the better and more important shops. It also has a bus stop.
  15. parking is limited and the guest lot is very small and fills up fast, but you can get a temporary pass from the office that lasts 3 days.
  16. Super convenient bus route to get to campus! Staff is great and apartments are spacious. Love it and is a great complex compared to most.
  17. Parking isn’t great. If I’m getting home from campus after 8 pm I have to park close to visitor lot and walk, which is spooky at night.
  18. The bus route is great if you time it right with all the people who live there.

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