Winkler Organization

Overall Satisfaction:   3.81 out of 5 (69 responses)

Location   4.42
Amenities   3.20
Cost / value   3.46
Physical condition of the rental unit   4.01
Response to requests for repairs   4.03
Communication with rental company   3.72

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Tiny and $790 a month.
  2. Housekeeping comes once a month, only one guest pass per unit, appalcart is 100 feet away. Great place to live!
  3. It's basically on campus and all the amenities are included in rent. No guest park passes but can use Doughton lot/Legends lot when okay.
  4. Although a bit expensive, I really love the Winkler properties. You get all of the utilities and cable, plus housekeeping every month!
  5. There is no parking at the location but there is an available lot across the street through Harmon Parking.
  6. Overall a good unit for the price. Within walking distance of Walmart. Several Appalcart stops. Utilities included.
  7. It is all inclusive rent, so you don’t have to pay any utility bills they are all included! It is an older unit though so there’s no AC.
  8. Utilities are included! There no are no washer or dryer units though and pets are not allowed unless it’s an ESA or service animal.
  9. As this unit is above a bar, weekends are exceptionally noisy. Expect lines of people outside the bar, loud music and yelling.
  10. Don’t ever expect to not go over the water or power allowance. You could literally have a bath and the sink once a month and be 15 bucks over.
  11. It is super close to campus and anytime we have had some type of maintenance problem, it has been fixed within 24 hours.
  12. Huge bedrooms, plenty of space in the whole place.
  13. Boone Hall doesn’t have windows and it gets very dark.
  14. It’s a fantastic rental property. The only complaint we had was when moved in, floors from the previous owner were scratched terribly.
  15. Lived in an apt with no windows and only a skylight. Skylight looked like a florescent light, not a sun roof. Felt like a basement.
  16. The rooms and bathroom are workable and heat is good but no AC and stairs need to be upgraded.
  17. This Is the cheapest rental in boone, $445 a month utilities included, but it is the cheapest place in boone in every sense of the word.
  18. Look at the interior and the distance. Take everything in and don’t make a fast decision.
  19. Difficulty parking: 1/2 the spots are compact so people take up 2, office doesn’t always answer, maintenance is usually quick to respond.
  20. Winker charges extremely high maintenance costs, making profits off maintenance. Entire company is exploitative and unfair. Avoid Winkler!
  21. Winkler has been very frustrating & difficult to deal with. However, it has its pros with air/heat, electricity & cable included.
  22. This apartment complex has fire alarms that go off in every unit, which means everyone has to evacuate. Also, the walls are very thin...
  23. A really nice and clean place to live. Each person gets their own bathroom and bedroom which is nice. Also a short bus ride to campus.
  24. You will need an on campus parking pass or to take the bus to campus because it’s far.
  25. Place is very nice and spacious, ideal for people with classes in the health science building. The unit is overpriced for what you get.
  26. The units here are very similar to dorm living except they come with washer/dryer, full kitchen, and a private bathroom. It’s all inclusive.
  27. Winkler tries to buckle and dime you. The WiFi is bad. The walls are thin.
  28. That the walls, ceilings, and floors are thin. If you are not okay with noise regularly, this might not be the place for you.
  29. Apartments aren’t built with the best quality so you can hear through the paper thin walls very easily. Also hill can sometimes get icy!
  30. People who run Winkler will always attempt to make your life more difficult. They will never give you more than one day notice on anything.
  31. This apartment is in a great location because it’s basically on campus. However, this same reason makes it kind of noisy.
  32. TINY kitchen & parking spots are drawn really weirdly & ventilation of all units are connected so ours constantly smells like the neighbors weed.
  33. The location is great, but that is about the only positive. The unit is very old and several things do not work (laundry units, dishwasher).
  34. The bedrooms are about the same size as a dorm room, but the closet space is nice. The kitchen is very small, but it works.
  35. My favorite thing about where I live is the location. I love being able to walk to campus and being so close to downtown.
  36. Small rooms, good service, expensive and lots of extra fees.
  37. Great value, Winkler always completes requests for service in timely manner.
  38. All inclusive, half a mile from campus, clean building, and all for under $500. Doesn’t get much better than that!
  39. Each unit gets two parking passes, but if you are parked without a parking pass you WILL get towed rather than getting a ticket.
  40. Okay walk to campus, but definitely isn't short. Not a lot of space in apartment for things, but great price for what it is.
  41. Rooms are very small, anything above a queen bed will not fit. 2 guest parking passes, and the bus takes 15 minutes to get to campus.
  42. Bring lots of furniture.
  43. For the amount you pay, it is not worth it.
  44. There is absolutely NO insulation between units. I can hear EVERYTHING my neighbors do and I can only assume it's the same for them.
  45. The bedrooms are very small. basically feels like you are living in a shoebox but the convenience of being close to campus is worth it.
  46. There are caps on electricity and water! In the winter, no matter what we do, we ALWAYS somehow exceed the electricity cap!
  47. Great location and units. Some slight issues but nothing unmanagable.
  48. This rental property is nice enough. I wouldn't be against recommending to live here. At times it can feel like an incredibly small space.
  49. Looooove these townhouses- theyre reallyyyyy nice for pretty cheap. It’s nice that they do housekeeping though.
  50. Rent is costly, no windows in some units, but location is great.
  51. The location is perfect, but it can be noisy at times (thin walls).
  52. Great location, easy 5 min walk to Sanford Mall. A bit pricey but rent includes all utilities, worth it for the location and condition.
  53. Pretty pricey for a small unit but super nice and very close to campus. There is also no guest parking.
  54. The property is close to campus and the management responds quickly to maintenance requests. The rent is higher but utilities included.
  55. There is limited parking at this complex, but there is a lot behind the complex you can buy a separate parking pass for.
  56. There is limited parking so you may have to park in a lot behind the complex provided through Mark Templeton.
  57. Parking is first come first serve with leasing and extra per month.
  58. Very close to campus and within walking distance to everywhere.
  59. This building is not quite 5 years old but I have battled mold since I first moved in. The AC has also leaked water into the room repeatedly
  60. Read the lease.
  61. Very small for expense. Make sure to be very thorough with inspection upon move in and follow up with all repairs. (Heights on Green Street)
  62. In my opinion this is a great location and apartment for the price. And utilities and internet are included in the rent! (Steeplechase Wood Circle)

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