WV Investments

Overall Satisfaction:   2.89 out of 5 (9 responses)

Location   3.22
Amenities   2.00
Cost / value   3.00
Physical condition of the rental unit   2.33
Response to requests for repairs   3.11
Communication with rental company   2.33

Students were asked - what is the most important thing to know about this rental company?

  1. Nice properties for your money but the landlord is not a good communicator and we have had very little good experiences with him.
  2. Note that the rental company is very hands-off. When you move in, they actually leave the key inside with the door unlocked.
  3. Don’t rent here. Front door doesn’t shut, black mold, fleas, shrews, plywood floors, etc. Landlord doesn’t communicate. Heat is propane.
  4. Very small spaces, old units.
  5. The duplex I live in is very close to campus and semi-affordable. It’s very spacious however and pet friendly. It also is just a two bedroom.
  6. House was trash (mold, fleas, no insulation, door wouldn't shut, etc), but maintenance was good and I could have my cat.
  7. No insulation for the house so it is freezing in winter. Landlord will come in during any time of the day without warning or communication.
  8. The landlord was not easy to work with and tried to con student until parents got involved

Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

The University provides a searchable database of available rental properties, which includes listings by rental companies and posts by students who are looking to sublet or need a roommate. Click here to visit the Off-Campus Housing Database.