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Are you a student planning to live off-campus during the 2019-2020 year? Would you like to connect with other off-campus students and, potentially, find to someone with which to live? If so, don't be shy!  Stop by the Whitewater Lounge on the second floor of the Student Union next Thursday, January 24 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm to meet and network with other current or future off-campus students and explore housing options and roommate possibilities for 2019-20.

There will be free food, games, and prizes as well as information about off-campus living options and resources.

We know from experience that each year many students who are planning to live off-campus do not have roommates lined up to live with.  We also know that roommate conflicts can cause stress, interfere with academics, and create financial and legal issues for students.  While we can't promise you'll find a perfect roommate match, we can promise free food, useful information, and fun!  So, why not check it out?!  The more the merrier!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON APPSYNC  Registration is not required, but it will make it easier for us to plan.  Thanks!

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Two more Off-Campus Housing 101 Programs Scheduled for January 2019!

If you were not able to attend Off-Campus Housing 101 during the fall semester, you will have two more chances to get this important information about off-campus housing after winter break. 

Off-Campus Housing 101 presentations will be held at noon on January 16 and January 24 in Room 413 (Linn Cove) of the Student Union.

Take 45 minutes to learn more about off-campus housing options for students here in Boone.  This program is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge that will help App State students secure housing for 2019-20 that matches their needs and preferences.  

Oct 22, 18
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Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

The University provides a searchable database of available rental properties, which includes listings by rental companies and posts by students who are looking to sublet or need a roommate. Click here to visit the Off-Campus Housing Database.