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Information for on-campus housing can be found by visiting housing.appstate.edu.  For off-campus housing, click on the blue button below labeled "Off-Campus Housing".

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*DISCLAIMER: Appalachian State University offers this site as a convenience to the University community. The University does not manage or own any of the properties listed here, with the exception of University Highlands. The University has made no independent investigation of, and makes no representations or warranties regarding, the suitability, fitness, condition or safety of the properties listed on this site or the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. The University does not recommend or endorse any of the properties or companies listed on this site. It is the sole responsibility of the students or other users of this site to check out the properties and/or landlords listed. The University is not responsible for any liability or damage arising from the use of information on this site.

Are you still looking for housing for Fall 2016?

Published August 4, 2016 By Karla Rusch

Do you still need housing for Fall 2016?  If so, have you checked out our Off-Campus Housing database?  There are a number of rental properties posted on the database that are available now!  You can also sign in using your AppState user name and password and see listings created by students who are looking for roommates.  Just click the link, "Looking for a Roommate". 

Not all landlords list their properties on the Off-Campus Housing database, so you may need to call various rental companies to find out what they have available for fall. On this site, you will find a list of local landlords and rental companies under the Off Campus Housing button (above)/ Find Housing. 

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What You Need to Know About Summer Sublets

Published April 5, 2016 By Karla Rusch

Are you subletting your apartment for the summer?  If so, here are some important tips to help things go smoothly.

A subletter is a substitute tenant who lives in your space and pays your share of the rent for a period of time when you are not living in your apartment.  Most leases allow subletting, but usually require that the landlord be notified and approve the subletter.  Check your lease and talk to your landlord before setting up a summer sublet!  Often, even when the landlord requires the subletter (new tenant) to sign papers, the original tenant remains legally and financially responsible for rent and other obligations under the lease.  In other words, if your subletter breaks a rule, damages the rental property, or doesn’t pay rent, you could be charged for the amounts due.  Make sure your subletter understands his responsibilities, and take reasonable steps to ensure that he is reliable and financially able to pay the rent.  If the subletter will also be covering the cost of utilities (separate from rent), discuss how utilities will be paid.

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"10 Things to Inspect Before Renting an Apartment" -- Time Magazine

Published October 7, 2015 By Karla Rusch

According to Time Magazine, real estate experts say these are the most important things to check when you’re doing your due diligence on a rental property before signing the lease.  Although the article is geared towards an urban setting, this "top ten" list is a great starting point when considering any rental property. For more suggestions on what to look for and what questions to ask when deciding where to live, go to "What to Know Before You Start" under the Off-Campus Housing button on our website.

Off-Campus Housing podcast published in AppState online magazine

Published October 5, 2015 By Karla Rusch

Last fall, the Director of the Student Legal Clinic and Off-Campus Student Services sat down in the University Communications recording studio for a conversation about off-campus housing issues.  The following "AppX" podcast was published in the online edition of Appalachian Magazine in May 2015.  We're posting a link to the podcast now because it will soon be time to start thinking about housing options for next year (i.e. academic year 2016-17).  Look for more information about how to decide where to live and how to find the right housing for you on this page in the coming months.  In the meantime, check out the podcast!

"Read the Lease" Campaign kicks off now!

Published October 1, 2015 By Karla Rusch

Approximately 2/3 of the Appalachian State University main campus student population -- about 11,000 students -- live off-campus in Boone and the surrounding community.  As we move further into fall semester, students are already beginning to think about housing options for the next academic year (2016-17).  The Office of Off-Campus Student Services and the Student Legal Clinic want to make sure that students who are considering moving off-campus next year -- as well as those who are already living off-campus, but may be looking to move to a different apartment or rental house -- have important information about how to choose the right off-campus housing for their needs.  One of the simplest and most important things you can do before you make a decision about off-campus housing is to read the lease!  To avoid surprises, extra costs, and legal problems down the road, make sure you read and understand your lease before you sign it.  If you have questions, or just want to go over the lease with someone who is familiar with legal documents, a licensed attorney can review your lease for free through the Student Legal Clinic located in Suite 324 of the Student Union.  Just call (828) 262-8284 for an appointment. 

You'll be seeing this message around campus over the next few months and into the spring semester.  Also, look for more information (coming soon!) about educational programs to help you choose the right housing for you.

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The Off-Campus Student Services Office is a partner program of the Student Legal Clinic.

Click here to visit the Student Legal Clinic website.

Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

The University provides a searchable database of available rental properties, which includes listings by rental companies and posts by students who are looking to sublet or need a roommate.  Click here to visit the Off-Campus Housing Database.