Parking and Transportation

Parking is limited within the Town of Boone.  Most lots in downtown Boone are privately owned and are designated for a particular business or reserved for individuals who have rented a space in that lot.  Towing and/ or booting is widely utilized for unauthorized vehicles parked in private lots.  The cost of non-consensual towing or having a boot removed ranges from $60 to $100.

Many students rely on the Appalcart, Boone’s free public transportation system, to get to and from campus every day.  The Appalcart has twelve routes with multiple stops (many located near off-campus student housing areas) to serve students and other residents of Boone.

Check the links, below, for additional information to help you plan and navigate your transportation needs.

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Parking Information

Transportation Information

Driver's License and Vehicle Registration

Driver’s License Office
(828) 265-5384
4469 Bamboo Rd
Boone, NC

Department of Motor Vehicles
(828) 268-2315
311 Queen St #101 
Boone, NC 28607

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Off Campus Housing and Roommate Search

The University provides a searchable database of available rental properties, which includes listings by rental companies and posts by students who are looking to sublet or need a roommate. Click here to visit the Off-Campus Housing Database.